MayHem Ride 2016

Synonyms for Mayhem:  chaos, disorder, havoc, bedlam, pandemonium, tumult, uproar, turmoil, commotion, maelstrom, trouble, disturbance, confusion, riot, anarchy, violence, insanity, madness

When I started planning this ride for some of my friends and family, there was always the distinct possibility for mayhem to occur.  Also, this ride took place in May in Wisconsin.  So I called it the MayHem ride.

Although we had up to 19 people who showed interest, in the end only 8 made the ride.

Here was the planned route with the starting point in Blue River and the ending point in Muscoda.  The entire route was slightly over 200 miles along 60 different roads.


Here is a list of the riders and what they were riding:

Me – Suzuki Vstrom

Dad – Honda VTX                                                                                          

Don – Harley

Rich – Honda Gold Wing

Jack – Harley

Dean – Kawasaki Versys

Jesse – Suzuki GSX

Bill – One of a kind V-8 powered cruiser                                    


It turned out to be a very cold day, we even had a few snowflakes falling, so our first stop was for coffee and to warm up. We ended up at this little country store in Rockbridge.


After we left Rockbridge, we continued along the route, went over Wildcat Mountain and into Ontario where we stopped to warm up again.

Once we were warmed up again, we rode to the Goose Barn for lunch.


After lunch we rode for another hour or so and just as we turned the last corner towards Viola when Dean’s clutch cable broke. We managed a temporary fix with a small vice grips, some electricians tape, and some zip ties.


After we got it fixed, and because of the cold, we wanted to make sure that Dean got home safely, so we cut the ride short. The riders who had a long ride to get home headed straight home. The rest of us escorted Dean to his place in Muscoda.

We made it to Dean’s house without any more problems, which was a good thing because Dean was grilling out for us that night.

My one regret was that I forgot to get a group picture, so I had to create one from a combination of the other shots I had available.

screenshot-12Even though it was cold, the roads were great and the group got along really well. We are all looking forward the MayHem 2017 ride.





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