MayHem – 2017


Here is a short update to the MayHem 2017 ride:

Currently planning for a lunch stop at the Great River Roadhouse in De Soto.

Dinner is currently planned for the Sportsman’s Bar & Grill in Muscoda.

Just a note:  our ride is the same weekend as the Muscoda Moral Mushroom Festival, so the town and the restaurants will be more crowded than normal.

I have made some small adjustments to the route.  Please see the new map below.


< – –>

In spite of how cold it was during the 2016 MayHem ride, I decided to organize another ride for my friends and family this coming spring.

The tentative ride date is May 20th – Roughly 4 Months Away.

Pre-Ride Meeting at 8:30 am

Kickstands up and rolling at 9:00 am

Please arrive with a full tank (there is gas available locally).

Here is the tentative route (starting in Blue River, WI):


Current route is ~250 miles.

I have been over most of these roads and they are very similar to the roads we ran last year.

Lunch and dinner locations are still in the works.  But just be aware, that I rarely miss a meal so we will figure something out.

I also am trying to work in a stop in Sabin.  There is a guy (Runpet on Advrider) in Sabin with a paper display of pre-1914 Wisconsin Motorcycle History.  I thought it would be cool to see this so I’m planning the ride around this stop.

I will be using this site as the primary source of information, but feel free to email me with any questions.

If you subscribe to this blog and provide an email address, you will receive a notice every time there is an update.  But be aware, if you use Gmail, it might go into a social media folder and not directly into your inbox.

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