Summer in Seattle – July ’17

Last summer (2016) Renee and I rode most weekends and logged about 2500 miles on 2 wheels.  At some point we started kicking around the idea of driving out to Seattle to visit our son next summer and taking the bike along to ride on some amazing roads along the way.

When the riding season was over, we started looking at maps and reading reviews of different roads.  I am a member of a riding forum called Adventure Rider.  This is a great resource for ideas and opinions on different rides.

After taking a lot of 1 and 2 day rides, this will be our most ambitious plan so far.  The total trip will be 16 days split between driving, riding, and visiting with our son.

We have developed a tentative route and schedule, which will depend on weather and how far we are actually able to drive each day.  As it stands, we will be driving a little bit over 4,000 miles and the rides we have planned will add another 1,200 miles.

To get an idea on the distance for the whole trip, check out this map:  The 2 red pointers are the start and end points of our trip.  The blue lines are the rides we have planned.


Our first ride is on the famous Beartooth Highway, between Red Lodge, Montana and Cody, Wyoming:


Our next ride is a big 2 day loop in Idaho.  The first day will be along the St. Joe River and the second day will be over the Lolo pass.  This loop will start and end in Missoula.


From there we will drive to Seattle to visit our son and relax for a couple of days.  While we are in Seattle, we will ride out to the Olympic Peninsula for more riding in the mountains and along the ocean!


When we finish up in Seattle and start back home, the riding will not be done.  We will be making a stop in Kalispel to ride through Glaciar National Park on the Going to the Sun Highway.


So check back here for updates to our plans.

We will also use our blog to post pictures from the ride.

*UPDATE 2/17/2017  Getting excited as we started to book hotel rooms!  Finding that places are already filling up for our dates and actually had to make a few changes to our plans because of it.  In areas close to Glacier and Yellowstone lodging is scarce and expensive!  But Renee is good at finding a deal and after a lot of digging around we are booked all the way to the Olympic Peninsula!



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