Progressive International Motorcycle Show

Dale and I recently went to Schaumburg, IL to shop at a Cycle Gear store where I was interested in checking out a new jacket. The staff was super helpful and I got a great deal on the jacket and some new gloves.  When we were checking out our sales clerk entered us in a drawing for tickets to the Chicago International Motorcycle Show, and a few days later we found out we had won.  So, we decided to make a weekend of it and attend the show.  Now this is much more up Dale’s alley than mine.  He can look and look at bikes and accessories.  I like to look a bit and then I am pretty much done, but I toughed it out and he got his fill of bikes…brand new, custom bikes, contest bikes, vintage bikes. But…we both agreed that what was really lacking was accessories.  We had hoped that vendors would bring more to sell.  I was looking for pants…there were absolutely none for women at the show, a few for men, but hardly any at all.  Dale was looking for a tank bag…there were some by the same maker, but not the one he wanted.  Even things like T-shirts (we like to collect BMW T-shirts) were not available.  So we were disappointed with that.  Also, the only food (and this is important for us because we like food) was snack type stuff which later made me sick.  Beer was $8.00 a glass.  So would we go again…probably not, but the experience was good to have once and our tickets were free!


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