Updates: March, 2017

So as it turns out, our dream trip to Seattle and back has undergone many changes as we have begun to really look at the time, distances, hotel availability and what we want to get out of it.  Most of the change has been what to do after we get to Seattle.  Originally we planned a couple of days on the Olympic Peninsula, but then I thought that since we have already been there, maybe we should try something new, like visiting one of the San Juan Islands instead.  So we settled on Orcas Island…but that caused some other issues time-wise and it was difficult to get lodging, so we decided maybe heading back in the general direction of home rather than the opposite direction would be wise.  So we decided to spend a couple of days on and around Mt. Rainier instead.  But the one thing I have been saying to Dale since we started planning this trip is that I am afraid it is going to feel like nothing but driving and riding and driving and riding and we will miss out on just enjoying.  I want to be able to hike and really be a part of the environment…not just drive through it and say we saw it.  So…after all that planning, we decided to just head for Glacier National Park directly from Seattle and spend 3 nights there.  Plenty of time to do lots of great riding, but also some great hiking and relaxing.  So, that’s where we are in our planning now.  We have successfully booked lodging all the way out and back as far as Glacier.  From there it shouldn’t be a problem finding places to stop on the way home.  But a word to the wise, if you are planning a trip anywhere near a National Park this summer…get lodging NOW!  Most places were booked solid and it took some real effort to find places to stay.  Getting excited now…it won’t be long!!

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