2017 MayHem Ride

Since we had such a great (but extremely cold) time with this ride in 2016, I organized another ride for May 15th 2017.  However, due to severe weather predictions, we had to postpone the ride.  After a 2 week delay, we were finally able to complete the 2017 MayHem Ride.

Because of the date change and the uncertain weather, there were only 3 riders (for the majority of the ride) this year.


Here is the route we had planned to ride, with stops in Bridgeport, Desoto, and Sabin.

Mayhem 2017 v3

This route was similar to last year’s route.  In fact, one or two of the roads were the same. But for the most part the roads were different.

As cold as it was last year, this year was a little warmer.  I think it got up to 88 degrees, but it really wasn’t that bad and it was much better than the snow flurries we had last year.

We left Blue River shortly after 9:00 am and followed several county roads through Castle Rock and Fennimore to our first stop in Bridgeport.   It had turned into a pretty, sunny day.


After a drink and a snack, we were back on the road.  I had planned to ride from Bridgeport to DeSoto, but by the time we got to Gays Mills, I was hot and wanted a short break, so we pulled into Robb Park and stopped in the shade for a few minutes.

We left from Gays Mills and took town roads until we got to Cty B.  We rode for about 3 miles and saw a sign that said ‘road closed, bridge out’.  I didn’t know where the bridge was out, but I knew we were turning off of Cty B soon, so we kept going. Eventually we came to the missing bridge, and unfortunately, we could see our turn just on the other side.  So we had to backtrack and ended up going back around and up to Soldiers Grove to rejoin our route on the far side of the closed bridge.

This is a track of our actual route, showing the detour through Soldiers Grove:

2017 MayHem track

After we cleared our detour, we continued on our road to Ferryville, then we ran up the Mississippi River Road (Hwy 35) to our restaurant in DeSoto.


After lunch we topped off our gas tanks and left DeSoto heading East toward Reedstown and Viola.  Jack was not able to join us at the start of the ride, but he was waiting for us in Reedstown.  I was not expecting him, so when he waved, I waved back and kept on going thinking he was just another friendly rider.  But the next time I looked back, we had another rider with us.  He caught up with us on the way to Viola and rode with us the rest of the way.

From Viola, we turned South for Sabin where we stopped at fellow rider Richard Werner’s place.  Richard has an impressive collection of old motorcycle advertisements and articles. 


The rest of our trip was a quick ride East to Richland Center then South to follow the North bank of the Wisconsin River back West to Muscoda.  Sorry, no more photo’s but my phone died.

Overall, we had a great ride.  The original plan was for just over 200 miles, but with the detour, we ended up riding about 240 miles.

The roads and the scenery were all incredible (as usual).  It’s going to be really difficult to top this route next year.  But I’ll take that challenge on!!



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