Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club (GLMC) Grand Tour 2017


Logo by Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club


Dale and I are once again entered the Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club’s Grand Tour this year.  We had so much fun collecting photos of different locations last year that we thought we would do it again.  And, I think it will be even better this year because we will soon be traveling west and will be able to get a bunch of items/locations from different states this year.

We will be using this blog space to organize and share out photos as we collect them. Enjoy!  And check out the website…it’s not too late to sign up and it’s a lot of fun!




Big River Custom Motorcycle Shop, Port Byron, IL




Morrison Rockwood State Park, Morrison, IL



Bear’s Drive-Inn, Thomson, IL



Thomson Train Depot, Thomson, IL



Mississippi Palisades State Park, Savanna, IL



Bellevue State Park, Bellevue, IA



Dinosaur at the Sinclair Station, Preston, IA



Easton Valley High School, Preston, IA




Jenny’s Diner, Clinton, IA




Camanche Train Depot, Camanche, IA



Wildcat Den State Park, Muscatine, IA



Klemme Performance Motorcycle, Davenport, IA


Ill Fire Dept

Oxford Fire District Fire House, Alpha, IL


Alpha Water Tower 2

Alpha Water Tower 1

Alpha Water Tower, Alpha, IL


ILL School Augustana 1Augustana College, Rock Island, IL

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