Day 3

What an amazing day it has been!  Dale and I got on the bike bright and early and headed off for the Beartooth Highway.  We left Laurel, went through Red Lodge, and on to the Beartooth pass.  Unfortunately, the Beartooth highway is currently undergoing construction and is closed from 8:00 pm until 8:00 am.  We arrived at about 7:55 and were about 6th or 7th from the front of the line waiting to get started on the drive. However, we were not allowed to go until 8:30, so we lost some time just waiting.  We then had to take it pretty slow for quite a while with occasional stops, guide vehicles, rough road, single lanes, etc.  Despite this, it was breathtaking and well worth the wait! At the highest altitudes, where the snow was still melting, the wildflowers were amazing.  We saw deer and mountain goats, marmots, and a gorgeous bluebird.  The views were just incredible! Once we were through the pass we got on the Chief Joseph Highway.  Another beautiful ride with a little more construction, but the delay was only about 10 minutes.  We ran from there down to Cody, Wyoming and enjoyed going through the tunnels that lead to the dam.  On the way back to Laurel we were fortunate to thread our way between a bunch of storms.  We stayed dry as we watched the rain pouring down on the mountains. One of the strangest things about our day was the temperature swing. We ranged all the way from 49 degrees on top of the mountains to 87 degrees in Cody. And as we drove between the storms the temperature would swing as much as 15 degrees in just a few miles and then back again.  Kind of crazy!

Dale here.  Words and photos just don’t do the ride justice.  The roads and the scenery are simply amazing.  From a construction standpoint, these roads are simply marvels of engineering.

Here are some photos that we took today:

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