Day 6

Day 6 was the best day yet! We left Moscow, Idaho and headed toward Lewiston. We descended the incredible old spiral Highway into Lewiston. It’s 7 miles of curves and 2000 feet of elevation change and it was awesome! Next it was on to the Winchester Grade Road. This one wound up and up and up with really sharp curves and really big drop offs.  We stopped for a quick break at a state park after that where I had fun playing with some egrets. Next came the most exciting, thrilling, scary part of our day! We started on Idaho 64 which was a nice smooth paved and painted Road, and all of a sudden it became a narrow, gravel, edge of cliff, mountain wall hugging, no guardrail type road. I kept saying to Dale I didn’t know what we would do if we met another car, but fortunately, we didn’t see another vehicle the whole time we were on this road. It finally descended down into Kamiah, Idaho, and became paved once again. It was definitely a thrill, and one of our most adventurous roads. From there we headed for Kooskia and the start of the Lolo Highway. The Lolo Highway is 120 miles of curving, gorgeously scenic roadway that follows mountain rivers the entire way. We found a beautiful picnic area for our lunch and had a little break. We have found people to be so friendly on this trip, and a Department of Transportation worker, also stopping for his lunch, visited with us about some great roads that he and his wife enjoy riding. After lunch it was time to wind our way up to Lolo Pass, where Dale and I made friends with some prairie dogs at the ranger station. We wound our way down from there into the town of Lolo, where, unfortunately, we ended up in a traffic jam caused by construction. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but we were getting really warm at 97 degrees with full gear on. We were ready to get going and get some breeze moving through our gear. We made it back to Missoula and checked into our hotel. Right across from it was an awesome Irish pub where we had a great meal and some really good beer. The rest of the night we relaxed, did a little laundry, and repacked our stuff for day 7. Day 7 is just a ride in the truck, but I’m still super excited because it leads to our son and future daughter in law in Seattle. Looking forward to spending the weekend with Morgan and Alyssa. It’s time to celebrate their recent engagement!

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