Day 7

Ok, so I know I said day 7 would be an uneventful driving day to get us from Missoula, MT to Seattle. It was indeed a driving day, but not uneventful.  First, we are driving along and suddenly Dale is swearing because he realizes the gas light has come on and we are in the middle of nowhere.  Now that might not sound so bad, but we have often kidded him because his last words to our sons every time they took the car somewhere were, “make sure you have gas” or “keep an eye on your gas”.  So, he was really mad at himself for not noticing, and for the fact that we had stopped for snacks and bathroom breaks a couple of times that morning and just never thought to fill up.  After a bit of a panic when my phone showed the next gas station to be 35 miles away, we did manage to find a small place with gas to fill up.  So, we are back on the road cruising along when all of a sudden I hear this horrible squealing sound.  Dale, who played in a band for years, has some hearing loss in the high ranges, so if something squeals or squeaks he can’t hear it. So, he has no clue what I am talking about, but the sound is really ugly and I am panicking.  Finally, with a window down and one really loud squeal he hears it.  We pull off and can pinpoint it to the front passenger side tire, but have no clue what to do about it. So, again we do a phone search and the only town with actual services for cars and tires is about 30 miles in the wrong direction.  So we drive on and I see there is a tiny town coming up called Cle Elum.  It’s only 7 miles and it has a few gas stations so we are praying we can find a mechanic somewhere.  The squealing it getting louder and louder…people are staring!  I think someone was watching out for us on this one.  We pull into this tiny town in the middle of nowhere and find a 76 station that still has a shop attached and mechanics working.  We tell them what’s up and they listen as we drive over to the garage.  They didn’t even need to put it up on the lift (which was awesome for us because we didn’t have to drop the trailer), they ran out with the air impact wrench, jacked up the car, popped off the tire and pulled a teeny tiny little stone out of the brakes.  It was wedged between the rotor disc and the pad and was causing the whole problem.  We had probably picked it up in the parking area of the gas station we had stopped at shortly before because they had a gravel lot!  The people at the station were so nice, and we were in and out in 5 minutes!  The charge?  A whopping $10.80!! We gave them a tip!  So, a special shout out to the 76 station in Cle Elum, WA!  They got us back on the road and on to Seattle!


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