Day 8 & 9…Our Destination, Seattle

I know I am way behind on blogging about the trip.  It just became too hard to keep up after long days of riding/driving.  So, now we are home and I am catching up.  We got to Seattle on a Friday evening and went to our son and future daughter-in-law’s house. They had recently purchased their first home together and moving day was fast approaching. So, our visit was well timed to help them pack up their entire rented house so everything would be ready to go. They didn’t think it was possible, but Dale and I have had a lot of practice with moving and were confident it could be done.  So, for 2 days we all packed, and packed, and packed.  Not to say there wasn’t a lot of other fun too.  We managed to get in some great card playing, and of course I got to go to my favorite sushi place.  We were introduced to authentic and delicious ramen, did some shopping, and enjoyed my son’s homemade pizzas.  We spent a super fun night at our favorite little local bar playing pinball and drinking cheap beer.  We toasted Morgan and Alyssa’s engagement.  It was a wonderful and productive visit and it went by far too quickly. It’s always so hard to leave them so far away.

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