Day 14…the Journey Home

The last day of our trip was just a full day of driving to get home.  It wasn’t very eventful, and it felt long as all last days do.  Dale and I both felt two ways about our trip…that we had been gone a very long time, and that it had gone way too fast.  This was something we had been planning for so long and dreaming about even longer, and it was sad that it had to end, but at the same time, we were left with so many amazing memories and stories of our adventure to tell that it will tide us over for a while.  But, I am sure the itch to plan the next adventure will kick in before too long.  We are already talking about a few options.  So, a special thanks to Morgan and Alyssa for putting us up while we were in Seattle.  A VERY special thanks to our son Owen for taking care of the house and our precious pooch while we were gone…I don’t know who was happier to see us, the dog (who was ready for her regular schedule to resume) or Owen (who was ready for us to take over with the dog and house).  It’s always nice to be gone, but there’s no place like home, right?  Thanks for coming along on our adventure.  I hope you enjoyed our overviews and pictures.  Check back for some more technical info from Dale, as well as some reflections on lessons learned, do’s and don’ts, what worked well and what we need to improve on, etc.  As always, come along for the ride!


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