Battle of the Bulge


As MIDDLE age approached, Dale and I realized that our MIDDLES had gotten a bit out of hand.  So, several years ago we made the decision to join Weight Watchers.  We are not really the kind of people who like to join in, and we knew we didn’t want to go to meetings and be part of a local group.  So, we opted to do it all online ourselves.  It was a huge turning point in our lives.  We quickly learned that not only were our food choices not always the best, but our perceptions of portion size were way off.  Our weight loss astounded us!  It came off very quickly in the beginning, and of course slowed a bit after that.  But within 8 months, Dale had lost more than 50 lbs and I had lost 40 lbs.  I had hit my goal weight and Dale had just a bit more to go before going on maintenance.  We both vowed to never put the weight back on.  Flash forward a few years…we are back on Weight Watchers!  Dale has gained back 20 lbs and I have gained back 8 lbs.  So what happened?  Well, I suppose when you have success you start to get a little cocky.  A cheat here, a slip there.  At first it seemed like I could do no wrong.  It was as if my metabolism had changed and I could eat without gaining weight.  That soon changed, however, and the pounds started to creep on.  Secondly, during this time period Weight Watchers completely overhauled their program, going from our Points Plus program to a new program called Smart Points.  We were very unhappy with this change…it just didn’t work for us.  So many of the staples of our diet were now too high in Smart Points for us to continue eating them.  We just got mad and quit the program.  We found a free app that would help us count and track Points Plus so we vowed to continue on our own.  Things happen in life, however. Holidays, vacations, birthdays, stress, wine, more wine…you get the picture…and our weight started to increase.  So, a few weeks ago when Weight Watchers unveiled their new Free Style plan, we read up on it and decided it sounded like something we could commit to.  We are, however, finding it much harder to commit and stick to the healthier lifestyle this time around.  Perhaps it didn’t help that we started during the Christmas/New Years season.  But we do have an added incentive to get on with it as our oldest son is getting married in May and we want to look and feel our best for that blessed event.  So, we invite you to follow our progress as we battle the bulge….AGAIN!


By the way, I am in no way associated with Weight Watchers and I make no recommendations regarding any method of weight loss.  We would love to hear about your successes and failures with the Battle of the Bulge!  Hey, we’re all in this together!!

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