Kids Flown the Coop? Get a New Best Friend!

Is the house feeling a bit empty now that the last of the kids has flown the coop?  Are you looking for something to fill that space?  Maybe it’s time to find a new best friend.  Although my husband, Dale, has always been my best friend, my heart had room for more and about 3 1/2 years ago we adopted this little girl.


We had lost two dogs within a few months of each other a few years prior to this, and I swore that was it for us and pets.  But I found this sweet little thing on the internet at a wonderful rescue shelter called Wish Bone Canine Rescue ( and couldn’t seem to forget about her.  Her name is Kumiko (named by the shelter) and she is a spoiled princess, but she makes our lives so much more interesting.  We are big believers in adopting dogs that need to find a home.  Please consider adoption…there are so many pets of all types out there that need good, loving homes.  This was our 4th rescue and each and every one of them was a wonderful pet.  They seemed to be grateful for a good home and were unbelievably loving.  She has grown into a beautiful dog, and into our hearts forever.



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