Find Something To Look Forward To

By the end of my kid’s high school and college careers, Dale and I had burned out.  We wanted nothing more than to stay home and relax and not have to go to another event, meeting or fundraiser.  We were always pleased that our kids were involved in so many activities.  It kept them busy and out of trouble, but it also kept us busy.  So, when it came to a screeching halt, no more activities requiring our attendance or attention, it left a bit of a hole.  At first, it was AMAZING, I’m not going to lie.  Our new found freedom!  Our recovered free time!  Our ability to binge watch Netflix!  It was all so great.  But as time went by we needed to find ways to fill some of that extra time other than sitting on our butts on the couch every night.  We still do plenty of that, but we also found that we now had time for things like hobbies…hobbies that were our own and not our kids!  We also found that having something to plan and look forward to was so enjoyable!  For a year we planned a vacation together.  Our first big cross country motorcycle vacation.  The planning was fun and really filled some of the long, cold winter nights here in Iowa.  The trip was AMAZING!

This year we have several things to look forward to and plan for.  Our oldest son, who lives in Seattle is getting married in May!  We are so excited about it and can’t wait to welcome the first girl (other than me and the dog) into the family!!  They will be married outside of Las Vegas in Valley of Fire State Park.  Later in the summer Dale and I are hosting a reception in their honor back here in Iowa.  So, there is a lot of planning going on around here as well as some super cool crafty projects being undertaken that I will write about in a different post.  Also on our list of things to plan for is another motorcycle trip.  This time, we plan to head in a different direction, southeast.  We will go through the Smokey Mountains and eventually end up at my brother and sister in law’s in Atlanta, or maybe even their beach house on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

We are also looking way ahead for things to get excited about, like grandchildren, retirement, downsizing, more travel, etc.  You get the picture.  When you are feeling down, find something that you can look forward to.  It really can change your whole attitude and help you see that the empty nest is never empty…it’s always full of possibilities!


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

4 thoughts on “Find Something To Look Forward To

  1. Great post, very positive thinking! Our kids left 20 years ago and the silence in the house came as a shock! Now 20 years later we are retired, have travelled the world, run and education charity in Nepal, and are in the middle of a downsizing experiment WITHIN our U.K. Cotswolds home. All good fun … but always plans to make!


    1. Wow! It sounds like you have made the most of your empty nest, and that you are very busy people! I hope that Dale and I can do as much with our time and that, like you said, we never forget there are always plans to make. I would love to hear more about your downsizing WITHIN your home experiment. Maybe a guest blog post?

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      1. What a lovely reply, thank you so much, always a privilege to be asked. I guess you have two choices. First visit our blog, find the first post about downsizing which is currently fixed on the homepage and just reblog it into your own site. Or, give me a “brief” with questions to write a guest post. Reblogging an existing post is easier. Take a look at the first called Decisions here and check out the second in the series call The Builders tonight’s post. I have 5 in a series, but it may continue cos lots of folks are interested.

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      2. Dr. B, I loved the first installment of your downsizing experiment and would be honored to reblog it. I can link it back to your wonderful site, and I can credit it in any way you like. I look forward to reading more installments of the tale…very intriguing!


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