Projects for the Off Season

Winter in Iowa is not really conducive to motorcycle riding…in fact, as far as I am concerned, spring and fall are a little iffy as well.  I am a fair weather kind of girl.  Dale will ride in much colder weather than me, but our bike is winterized and put away during the time between late fall and early spring.  During that time, though, it is never far from our minds, and we use the time to plan trips for the following riding season, as well as to do maintenance and improvement work.  So, these are on our list for this winter:

  1.  Dale is getting a new seat made.  This is quite a process, involving measurements, pictures of him on the bike and eventually sending in his current seat pan to build the new seat on.
  2. We bought a new vehicle that did not come with a hitch, so we can’t currently pull the trailer.  So a new receiver/hitch needs to be installed on the new SUV.
  3. We want to lower the suspension on the bike.  Dale is on tippy toes when the bike is set for 2 riders.  For better stability and safety we have decided to lower it.
  4. We are starting to talk about a major trip we may take this coming fall.  Our summer is a bit busier than usual this year with one of our sons getting married.  So, working in our trip between the trip for the wedding and a reception we are hosting back here might get tricky.  But we still have hopes that we can do it.  Since we want to head south, later in the fall would be better from a temperature standpoint anyway.  We will keep you posted on those plans.

That’s what we have on the list right now.  It keeps us going until spring rolls around and we can once again hit the open road!  As always, when we do, we hope you will come along for the ride!



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