Thought For The Day…

The flu has really knocked Dale and I out.  Day five for me and I may finally have gotten my fever down…hopefully that means we are turning a corner.  Togetherness is a wonderful thing, but togetherness with the flu leaves a lot to be desired!  Not to mention our poor pup is in dire need of exercise and play time!  Our house is a disaster because I got sick the day after we moved our son out and haven’t been able to do a thing toward getting things cleaned up, rearranged or reorganized.  So, I just wanted to give one quick thought for the day.  Today would have been the 136th birthday of author Virginia Woolf, (if she had lived a very very long time and not killed herself in 1941).  She was well known for not only her works, but also some awesome quotes.  I like the following:

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”

So, my fellow empty nesters, get out there and start living your life.  If you are feeling blue or unfulfilled it’s time to get back out in the land of the living…get involved, stay active, live!  All things I can’t wait to do once the flu bug flies away!!  Thank you Virginia Woolf.


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