The battle goes on….

When one is sick it is hard, really hard, to stick to a healthy diet. Dale and I have been down and out for about a week now. Certain foods that we usually love are repulsive to us and foods that we would normally avoid as counterproductive to weight loss are suddenly so appealing we can’t control ourselves. Feed a cold…feed my fever…feed, feed, feed. Isn’t that how the saying goes? 🙂 So, we have been pretty much eating what sounds good to us which has included such wondrous things as burgers, pizza, ice cream and lots of assorted soups. So, of course, weigh in day rolls around again and I am expecting the worst. BUT…Dale loses weight AGAIN!! And I gain weight again!!! I am so happy for him (but hating him a little bit on the inside) and cursing my middle aged female body all at the same time. Honestly, I still feel like such crap from this flu bug that my weight is the last thing I am going to worry about right now. But, I would like to formally protest the fact that Dale loses weight while eating the same things that cause me to gain! The battle of the bulge is certainly not a fair fight!pexels-photo-262876.jpeg


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