Weight Loss – Dale’s Perspective

Renee has done a great job of documenting our weight loss journey.  This is not our first rodeo, but from my perspective, it has been ‘relatively’ easy to stay on track this time.  As long as I stay within my daily budget of points, and do some sort of activity every day, I am able to lose a little bit of weight every week.

I said it was ‘relatively’ easy, because there are some times when it is not easy at all.  I am a stress eater, so when things get stressful at work, I have to tell myself that a trip to the vending machine is not the answer.  I also manage this issue by making sure I have healthy snacks on hand at work.  This just takes a little bit of planning.

As you may have already read, Renee and I had lost a tremendous  amount of weight.  But over time, we slipped, and I gained quite a bit of it back.  We have made half-hearted attempts to lose the weight we gained, but it took our oldest son’s upcoming wedding to help me get back on track.

When we started our latest weight-loss journey, I had topped the 180 pound mark.  We struggled through the holiday season and our weights inched down.  I had made a little progress, and I decided I needed to make some intermediate goals.  So my first goal was to get below 170 pounds by the end of January.  I’m happy to say that I was able to make that goal when I weighed 169 pounds on my last weigh-in.

My next goal is to be under 160 pounds by the end of March.  Should be easy, right?  Only 10 pounds.  But as you know, the lower you go, the slower it comes off.  I know that I will need to increase my activity level to get there.

If I am able to get to 159 by the end of March, my next goal will be to get to 150 by the wedding, which is at the end of May.  That would be the lowest my weight has been, probably since college!  Wish me luck!!



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