Another Use for that Simple Bagel Dough!

As I told you in a previous post, we have fallen in love with the easy, low point, healthy bagel recipe that is all the rage in the Weight Watchers community.  My favorite food blogger, Gina Homolka, from recently shared another great idea using this same, simple recipe.  Garlic knots!!  Now I am a girl who loves bread, and if we order pizza, I always order bread sticks or whatever bread option there is to go with it.  Then, I usually eat all the bread and very little pizza!  These garlic knots really satisfy that bread craving!  I made a mistake right off the bat when making them, however.  I was supposed to turn the dough into 8 garlic knots, but in my mind it was 6, so mine were larger and harder to get baked than they should have been.  My bottoms got very brown, despite cooking them on the top rack as recommended.  My tops were a bit anemic.  But the flavor was still AWESOME!  Here are a few pics of my first attempt at these, oh, and you can find the full recipe here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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