Reasons to LOVE the Empty Nest

In a fun article written for, by Helene Wingens, I came across recently, Helene lists 21 things you will love about having an empty nest.  (See the full article here:  Some of these rang so true for me that I just had to share.  Here are just a few:

“1. Go ahead and sleep with both eyes closed and without being awakened by noisy children or by the opening and closing of doors at all hours of the night (or wee hours of the morning).”

Oh boy!  Dale and I know all about this one!  Especially the opening and closing of doors in the wee hours!  Add to that the wild barking and howling of a dog when friends are leaving the house to go home and you get a picture of many of our nights.

“5. The kitchen sink, once emptied of dirty dishes, will stay clean. You favorite mug stays where you put it. There will be no surprise discoveries of stockpiled cups and dishes in various bedrooms. The drinking glasses and forks that were missing, will mysteriously reappear and stay put.”

This one made me chuckle!  Our second son was notorious for leaving dishes from late night snacks either in the basement where he was hanging out or in his bedroom where he took it to eat in bed.  Dishes with dried on food, wrappers that were never thrown out, crumbs (it’s a wonder we didn’t have mice!), and beverage containers littering his floor…no more!  My incessant nagging about it no longer needed.

” 8. Your utility bills are going down. And, your tank will now hold enough hot water for you to take a long, hot, steamy shower and you will no longer need to run the dishwasher multiple times a day.”

Ok, true fact…in the first month that our last son moved out, our water bill went down $20.00 and our electric bill went down $25.00!!  I hope it continues!  I also no longer have to think of everyone’s schedule in hopes that we all get a hot shower!

“12. There will be practically no one to give you attitude or to roll their eyes at what you say and you will not be subject to someone else’s moodiness or flair for the dramatic.”

OH YEAH…enough said, I better not touch this one!

“19. Remember when you wondered why no one vacationed during Labor Day week when rates were cheaper and the weather was better? Well, no more wondering, you can go away whenever you want, taking advantage of lower rates and emptier hotels.”

Funny story here…Dale and I just booked airfare to go visit son number one in Seattle next month.  Kind of spur of the moment, not really planned, just seemed like a good idea.  I told son number two and he said, “without me?”  The truth has set in…we are no longer a threesome when it comes to travel.  Makes us both a little sad I think, but at the same time, it makes things so much easier!

“21. You may now have sex anywhere, anytime and anyplace. And even though you are no longer twenty-five, this new freedom will be intoxicating. Spontaneity is the buzzword of the empty nester and (cover your ears children) nudity is the new pajama. As an added treat, “date night” can be any night or every night and you may even find that you and your significant other are back to conversing in full sentences about things other than what your children did that day.”

Love this one!  Spontaneity is the buzzword of the empty nester…great line!  And so true!  The freedom has returned and if you don’t let yourself fall into a routine or rut, the possibilities are endless.  Not to say Dale and I don’t still spend part of our dinner each night talking about the children and what they did that day.  I am a lucky mom because even though I only have boys, they stay in touch so well that I really do have news to share with Dale most nights.  Maybe that is because one is planning a wedding and the other has only been out of the nest for a month.  Or, maybe I just raised two good boys…yeah, I am going with that.  I hope it continues forever!

So, as you can see there is a lot to look forward to as the nest becomes empty.  We are already enjoying many aspects of it and look forward to discovering together more benefits as time goes by.

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