Kitchen Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

I have never been a gadget sort of girl.  They cost too much, take up too much space, duplicate what I can do in another way, come and go like fads.  HOWEVER, I have recently realized that my time is valuable.  Eating well and cooking healthy dishes takes time.  Gadgets reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare these dishes.  Therefore,  I now pay the money, make room in my cabinets, and use gadgets to make my life easier!  Here are my favorites, the ones I no longer want to do without.

  1. If you are on Weight Watchers, or any other diet for that matter, a good kitchen scale is a must.  Weighing out portions or weighing ingredients for a recipe is so important to the program.
  2. For all the slicing and dicing that goes on when cooking healthful foods, a really good mandolin can’t be beat.  From paper thin tomato slices to french fries, they make the work so much faster.
  3. Maybe it’s a fad, but I LOVE my spiralizer.  Get a decent one…I tried to cheap out on this at first and that was a big, messy mistake.  My favorites to spiralize are cucumbers, zucchini, and butternut squash.
  4. I gave my oldest son, who loves to cook, an Instant Pot as a gift.  He loved it so much he gave me one in return.  This is one of those things I thought I might not use enough to warrant having it.  I was WRONG!  I love the Instant Pot.  This is the biggest time saver there is!  Saute, slow cook, pressure cook, you name it, this thing does it.  From perfect hard boiled eggs, to rice,  to tender juicy meat even from frozen (if you forget to thaw like I often do), everything I make in the Instant Pot turns out great.
  5. Air fryer…I have already written an entire blog just on this one gadget.  I love it!  My youngest son requested one when he moved out last month, so my oldest son bought it for him as a house warming gift.  Those boys are awesome!
  6. This goes without saying, but I will say it anyway…you MUST have a good set of knives.  Nothing wastes more time or is more dangerous than dull knives.

So, these are my favorite, must have gadgets.  Please share some of your favorites in the comments section.

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