Game Changer

The incredible 2 ingredient Weight Watchers bagel dough strikes again!!  So far we have sung it’s praises as bagels and garlic knots.  Tonight I made it into pizza crusts.  Gina at featured a breakfast pizza made with the dough this week.  But, it is Friday night during Lent, and for us that means a meatless meal.  So, I decided to do some amazing veggie pizzas.  The Skinnytaste recipe made the dough, rolled it out, topped it and baked it.  I was not so sure that the crusts would cook all the way through, or become crispy this way, so I chose to make the dough, roll it out, pre-bake it most of the way, then top and bake again.  For us this was definitely the way to go.  We ended up with delicious crunchy and chewy crusts topped with our favorite sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, olives and cheese.  Delicious!!  Don’t be alarmed if your crusts puff up a bit when baking.  They settle back down and are wonderful when finished.  Oh, and with one of the extra crusts I made an appetizer by simply brushing with oil, sprinkling with a little garlic salt and topping with mozzarella. Delicious! We will definitely be making these again soon!

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