The kids have, for the most part, flown from the nest and it is feeling pretty empty around here.  So, Dale and I decided it was time to get the bike he has always wanted and start making memories together!  Follow our adventures as we try to find some of the most fun roads available wherever we are.  We are not big on trying to ride the longest distances we can, but we are big on finding the epic, little known and lightly traveled roads that we can explore and enjoy!  We seek out the best scenery, twists, turns, ups, downs, and hit everything in between.  This blog is a way for us to be able to put the memories we make all in one place to look back on.  And, at the same time, if others can get out and enjoy some of the things we blog about, we will be really happy that we could share the info. Please contact us anytime…we would love to hear from you, see your comments, and answer any questions you may have.  So, come along on our adventures and enjoy the ride!  —Dale and Renee