About Us

First, let us introduce ourselves…we are Dale and Renee, parents of two wonderful sons and one crazy dog, and we have an empty nest.  Well, actually that’s not entirely true.  We HAD an empty nest, we dealt with the trauma, rediscovered ourselves, learned to live with the dreaded syndrome, then learned to love it!  Then…one of the kids graduated from college and moved back home.  Our adjustment had to happen all over again, but in reverse, and honestly, I am not sure which was harder!  Today, January 10th, 2018, after securing his first real job, our baby is looking at an apartment with the hope of moving back out on his own.  So, the nest is about to empty out again.  Join us on our adventure as we negotiate life without our kids, as we fight the battle of the bulge, as we approach retirement, and best of all as we continue to enjoy our new baby…our 2013 BMW 1200 GS!  The best is yet to come!